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Welcome to Le Bon Vin Trade, the web site developed specifically for showcasing our product range to our customers in the hospitality industry. Due to the nature of the information made available here, access to the site is generally restricted, though any member of our sales team will be happy to arrange a visit to discuss options for your needs.

If you want to enquire about setting up an account, or already have an account with us and are interested in obtaining access to this site, please contact us.

Unique products

Le Bon Vin offer a diverse range of over 800 unique wines and spirits that are imported direct from suppliers all over the world. We stock many single estate wines that are otherwise unavailable to customers in the UK. As our portfolio continues to diversify, we have seen both our wine and non-wine products range grow to include more niche products.

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Direct buying

Le Bon Vin have always had a policy of buying direct from trusted producers, giving our customers superb access to an exclusive range of products at fantastic wholesale prices. We import wines and spirits from all over the world for distribution from our Sheffield warehousing base.

Personal touch

Le Bon Vin has been servicing the trade for over 30 years and our dedicated and knowledgeable team are always on hand to help find the right products for you and your business. Our personal approach to customer service is something large corporate companies simply cannot match and we pride ourselves on putting our customers first.

The Cavavin group

Le Bon Vin is a proud member of the Cavavin group, which boasts the title of the largest network of independent wine shops and producers in Europe, with almost 200 shops scattered throughout Europe. Having been in operation for over 35 years, Le Bon Vin has become well-known for its commitment to providing customers with a carefully curated selection of authentic wines sourced from trusted producers.

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Cavavin / Witradis

Single estate producers

At Le Bon Vin, we take pride in sourcing the majority of our wines directly from single estate producers from around the world. Our dedicated team of buyers keeps a close eye on the latest developments in the world of viniculture, allowing us to select only the finest quality products and avoid factory-produced wines. This ensures that our customers receive exceptional wines that have been carefully curated and personally selected for their enjoyment.

The sales team

Helping our customers drive sales growth and build a lasting partnership is our main goal. Le Bon Vin's team of dedicated professionals work with you to create a wine and spirits range that suits your business by providing excellent service and support.